Sunday, October 11, 2015

     As I said before, there is always a beginning........On the sea, a heartbeat and a song from here, lies a solitary island.  Shrouded in clouds, a stone's throw from end to end, it can only be seen if it wants to be.  The island goes down into the depths, anchored since the beginning of time, sentinel and watching.  There is a tree that resides there, unlike any tree that is found anywhere on this planet.  It is the first, one of the ancient ones, the oldest fairy of all.  For when fairies age, they do not die, they become.  Become what you ask?  It depends on the fairy.  They just become.
     This tree, the ancient one, could not remember his name any longer, for thousands of years, he was simply the tree.  Old memories flickered in and out, the wisps of the decades, caressing as dreams but the times between waking were so so long.  Storms raged at times, still he slept on.  Sun shone brightly, dazzling gems of light reflecting from the blue of the sea, still he slept on.  Magnificent limbs with branches forming a canopy and roots that went deep, silent and content to just be.
     It had been hundreds of years since he had awoke but the time was coming that he would.

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